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Paving the Way for Smooth Negotiations/MWI

  • 06 Jun 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • MWI, 10 Liberty Square - 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02109
We all know about interest-based negotiations and getting parties to identify their needs. But there may be times when one or more of the parties involved are so emotionally driven that even they don’t know how to define a need, one which could potentially bring about a settlement. In those cases, the parties may need help in identifying what their true driver is and how to translate that into the expression of a tangible, satisfactory outcome.

Madison “Matt” Thompson has worked for over 30 years in the areas of conflict resolution, diversity, and cross-cultural competency. He has worked with higher education institutions, major teaching hospitals, large regional banking institutions, as well as community non- profit agencies. At this Roundtable discussion, Matt and other attendees will take a look at the “Head, Heart, and Street” and will discuss ways to identify where the parties’ true driver is before our dialogue with them turns to option generation and taking action.

MWI Roundtable events are free for all active MWI mediators. Those who are not actively mediating with the MWI Court Panel are welcome to attend up to two Roundtables per year for free. RSVP is required for all attendees and can be completed by registering online. For more information on this and other upcoming MWI Roundtables, click here.

Questions? Send to MWI mediator and Manager of Commercial & Corporate Programs Marcus Stergio via email at mstergio@mwi.org or call 617-895-4029.

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