2018 NEACR Spring Program

Annual Meeting and Keynote Speech 


Tuesday April 17, 2018




Harvard Law School


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NEACR's Spring Program is held annually at a location convenient to the organization's members throughout New England. Each year there is a presentation and Q&A session facilitated by a keynote speaker from the field of conflict resolution. This year's keynote will feature Michael Moffitt, visiting professor at Harvard Law School and University of Oregon School of Law, where he is the Philip H. Knight Chair in Law and previously served as Dean of the law school.

Professor Moffitt will speak on the topic of Mediator Quality Control. Consumers of mediation services (reasonably) want some assurance about the quality of those services. What possible formal and informal mechanisms exist to provide that reassurance? Is certification, or even licensure, inevitable? What alternatives exist? And on what conditions do any of these options depend? 

This discussion,The Four Ways to Assure Mediator Quality (And Why None of Them Work), appropriately shares the same title as an article published by Moffitt in 2008, and still applicable to mediators today. His keynote will include an exploration of how consumers derive confidence in the services of practitioners outside of mediation (what happens with doctors, lawyers, and plumbers, for example?). By understanding how quality assurance works in other practices, and by understanding how those mechanisms have evolved over time, we gain an important set of insights about the possible future(s) of quality assurance in mediation.

Interested in attending the 2018 Spring Program? Check back soon for more details on the start time, location and event registration. 

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