Past NEACR Biennial Conferences

2017 Biennial Conference
"Against the Grain: Conflict Resolution in Challenging Times"  

Keynote Speaker: 
Lawrence Susskind, Consensus Building Institute, MIT

Breakout Session Sampler:  

- Dialogue through Difference: Expanding the Legal Skill Set, by Rachel Viscomi, Toby Berkman and Neil McGaraghan

- Brave New World: Transgenderism in Divorce and Family Mediation, by Holly Hitchcock

- Helping Communities Deal with Destructive Public Conflict, by Madhawa Palihapitiya, Rosalind Creswell and Debbie Lynangale

2015 Biennial Conference
"What's so Hard About Conflict Resolution: A Real Time Exploration of the Challenges Facing ADR Professionals"  

Keynote Speaker: 
Chris Voss, former lead FBI International Hostage Negotiator

Breakout Session Sampler:  

- What's So Hard About Conflict Resolution: Well Let's Start with the People, by Dave Joseph

- Building Trust Strategically (Even if I Hate Them), by Jim Tull

- I'm a Trained Mediator - Now What Do I Do?, by Josh Hoch and Marcus Stergio

2013 Biennial Conference
"Navigating New Terrain in the Digital Age" 

Keynote Speaker: 
Colin Rule, online dispute resolution innovator

Breakout Session Sampler:   

- Effective Online Dispute Resolution Practice, by Graham Ross and Ethan Katsh

- Mental Toughness: How to Keep Your Cool and Think on Your Feet, by Pamela Enders

- Bringing Adult Family Members to the Table in the Growing Field of Elder Mediation, by Crystal Thorpe

2011 Biennial Conference

"Brainstorming: Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out"

Keynote Speaker:
Stevenson Carlebach, Director of Eque LLC and an independent trainer and consultant in the fields of negotiation, communication, and dispute resolution

Breakout Session Sampler:

- The Mediator as Maestro: Inspiring the Harmonic Interplay of Many Parts, by Jeanne Cleary

- Discussing Contentious Issues, by Loraine Della Porta

- From the Trenches, panel discussion by Melissa Brodrick, Richard Cohen, Gail Packer and Charlie Pillsbury

Interested in reminding yourself what other workshops you attended between 2011 and 2015? Or learning about conference themes and workshops that you enjoyed even further back than 2011? Email us at and we'll dive into our archives to refresh your memory on the history of NEACR Biennial Conferences. 

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